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How should I clean my walls?

Red Line Painting is often asked two questions when regards to cleaning of spots, stains, or smudges on walls:

1. How long should I wait before I clean my walls after they have been painted?

Answer: You should wait at least 30 days for the paint to cure. This will make sure you don’t remove any of the color or resin before it has had a chance to properly cure. So if you can, try to hold back on killing that spider against the wall for at least the first 30 days.

2. What should I use to clean my walls with?

Answer: Always start with the most non-abrasive method you can. Red Line Painting recommends using a soft clean towel and have it slightly damp. For a flat finish wall, we recommend touching it up with paint rather than attempting to clean it off. The higher the sheen, the more aggressive you can be with the cleaning. Trim and baseboards, a mild cleaning agents can be used.

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