Metal Restoration and Metal Painting in Cicero, IL

When the metal work in your home or business begins to rust or discolor, don’t replace it – restore it. The expert metal restoration and metal painting contractors with Red Line Painting restore it. We can reverse time on rusty, worn and weathered metal work on commercial and residential properties. We can refinish and restore metal fencing and iron railings as well as resurface exterior metal work to receive a fresh coat of paint. You can avoid costly ironwork replacement when you hire our professional team to take care of your metal refinishing projects in the Cicero area.

Professional Metal Resurfacing Services

At Red Line Painting, our flexible service options allow us to match your project to your budget. Our metal and iron refinishing and restoration contractors tackle a variety of services, so you know we can easily take care of your job too. Red Line Painting will tackle individual projects like restoring the rusty wrought iron fencing or railing on your property. We will resurface the metal work, repaint and seal it to withstand years of exposure to the harsh Illinois winters.

We also offer routine maintenance for metal fixtures in your home or business in the Cicero area. Look to Red Line Painting for restoring light fixtures, elevator control panels, handles and revolving doors. We are an excellent solution for condominium associations and property management firms who have several locations that require upkeep. Whether you have a single, one-time job or routine servicing, we are your affordable and local metal restoration company.

Years of metalwork expertise paired with innovative techniques allow Red Line Painting to meet any servicing needs. Our services include:

  • Re-Plating
  • Finish Changes
  • Field Oxidation
  • Restorations
  • Scratch and ding removal
  • Vandalism
  • Painting
  • And much more!

Because our services include a vast array of metal refinishing and metal-work restoration options, we recommend calling our team in the Cicero, IL, area if you have any questions.

Trust the Experts

Red Line Painting will refinish and restore the worn-down, weathered, chipped and rusty metal-work you have on your property. From residential homes to commercial businesses, if you have a metal surface that can benefit from our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team in the Cicero area. Our professional contractors are prompt and outfitted with the equipment necessary to ensure the best quality metal restoration job available. Our work stands up to the test of time as well as winters and weather. Save yourself the expense of replacing fencing or railing and have Red Line Painting refinish it for you. In Cicero, IL, we can be reached at 312-265-3893.