Metal Restoration in Evanston, IL

Your property’s metal and ironwork can take a beating from the harsh Illinois winters. All that rain, snow and freezing temperatures will take a toll on any iron fencing or decorative metal work you have. When you start to see rusty rails in your yard, you know it’s time to call the painting experts at Red Line Painting. There is no reason to allow chipped, worn-down metal work or iron rail fencing diminish the value of your property. Trust our expert metal refurbishment team to breathe new life into your iron-work.

We can take care of any metal refinishing and refurbishment for both residential and commercial properties in Evanston, Il. Our approach is professional, effective and thorough, so our results will stand the test of time. Save yourself the unneeded expense of removing or replacing that rusty and chipped metal work, have Red Line Painting repaint it for you. Improve your home’s value and curb-appeal when you restore that beautiful iron-rod fencing.

Restoration Metal Work Services

Red Line offers flexible service options that allow us to match your budget to any job. When you choose us, you are guaranteed a skilled metal restoration team, who can handle any resurfacing and repainting project you have. Our extensive years of metal work and both interior and exterior painting services ensure we are your go-to for metal restoration services in Evanston.

As we specialize in both residential and commercial restoration services, we can resurface, repaint and restore a wide variety of metal surfaces. From metal gates and fences to revolving doors and elevators, Red Line will have your property looking its best in no time.

As we offer so many different painting and restoration options it’s best to call, however here is a short list of services we provide:

  • Re-Plating
  • Finish Changes
  • Field Oxidation
  • Restorations
  • Scratch and ding removal
  • Vandalism
  • Painting

A Clean Finish

Don’t waste time and effort with DIY metal refurbishing projects, call on the experts from Red Line Painting for the Evanston, IL area. Obtain a quote today when you call, (312) 265-3893.