Oak Lawn’s Best Metal Painting & Refinishing

When the harsh Oak Lawn, IL winters cause your property’s metal work to rust and tarnish, you know it’s time to call Red Line Painting. We excel at metal restorations that repair rusty, worn and weather damaged metal work. Don’t replace an entire metal fence when you can have it professionally refinished. As the paint on your porch railings begins to chip and flake, it makes your entire property look worn. Don’t let rusty, chipped metal work on your property depreciate the beauty of your home. Trust our exterior metal painting contractors to breathe new life into your fences, awnings and railings. Our metal refinishing services can add value to your home or business.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, Red Line Painting serves customers with professional metal restoration near the greater Oak Lawn, IL area. Our approach is thorough and effective, so the result will last through those harsh Midwestern seasons. Painting or restoration of metal can save you the unnecessary expense of removing or replacing that metal work completely. Increase your home’s curb appeal when you restore your beautiful iron-rod fencing.

Restoration Services

We provide flexible service opportunities that let us match your budget to any job. When you choose Red Line Painting you have a dedicated exterior metal painting contractors who can tackle any repainting project you have. With years of experience painting iron railings and our use of industry innovations, we are the go-to name for metal restorations in Oak Lawn, IL.

Servicing both residential and commercial properties, painting metal fences and plating a variety of metal surfaces is our specialty. From revolving doors and rusty railings to elevator doors and storm doors, our metal refinishing experts will have your property looking like new in no time.

At Red Line Painting, you have the option for one-time maintenance jobs or regularly scheduled upkeep for restoration of metal. Painting iron railings and refinishing metal fixtures on your property will keep it looking its best.

Our metal refinishing services in Oak Lawn include the following:

  • Restorations
  • Scratch and ding removal
  • Vandalism
  • Painting
  • Re-Plating
  • Finish Changes
  • Field Oxidation

A Clean Finish

Don’t waste time and effort with DIY metal work projects when our contractors offer exceptional metal refinishing and metal restoration services. Painting metal fences is a skill we’ve got down pat and we’re prepared with all the tools to give you a high-quality result. Call Red Line Painting at (312) 265-3893 for restoration of metal in the Oak Lawn, IL area.