Metal Fencing and Iron Railing Painting in Evanston, IL

Rusty metal fences and iron railings makes any home look dilapidated. Don’t let your home in the Evanston, IL, area look worn down when Red Line Painting can fix that for you. Our team of professional painters has years of experience in refurbishing rusty iron rails and metal fences. There is no need to live with unsightly rusty fencing and railings on your property. We are available throughout the Evanston area.

Illinois wet, freezing winters and damp springs are destructive to the exterior portions of both residential and commercial properties. Red Line Painting utilizes a singular approach to metal refurbishment and painting. Our process is safe, efficient and effective, ensuring your paint job will endure for years to come. With Red Line Painting we believe in delivering professional service that will stand the test of time. Refinishing and painting the ironwork on your property, whether it’s fencing or iron railing, is more cost-effective than replacing it. Painting the iron work will increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Trust our team to enhance the beauty and look of your home with our refurbishment services in the Evanston, IL, area.

Restorative and Refurbishment Services

Red Line Painting is a locally owned and operated company that services the greater Chicago area. We have been in the business of professional interior and exterior painting services for over ten years. Our history and expertise, especially when it comes to working in this region allow us a singular and exacting approach to our services. We continually seek out innovative practices when it comes to metal refurbishment. This way you know you are always receiving the best service possible. We provide flexible pricing options for our work, allowing us to match our work to your budget.

We specialize in painting and refurbishment services for residential and commercial properties. We can have your metal fencing, iron railings, and any rusty surfaces looking better than new in no time. From storm doors to wrought iron components, our services also extend to include the following:

  • Re-plating
  • Finishing updates
  • Restorations
  • Vandalism
  • Painting
  • Scratch and ding removal
  • Field oxidation

Red Line Painting

Whatever rusty surfaces on your property require painting and restoration, call Red Line Painting. In Evanston. There is no better company to take care of this for you. We provide complimentary estimates for any work you need completed by our team of professionals. Call 312-265-3898 and speak with our group of customer service representatives.