Condo Association Painting


At Red Line Painting, we realize having contractors in your home can be intrusive and inconvenient. We have developed our process to ensure we make as little impact as possible when in your home. From covering all furniture in new plastic, using drop cloths at all times, and discussing what rooms you would like completed first, we strive to make sure your experience is as pleasant as it can be. We can provide you with several different paint options to best suit your needs, whether it is low VOC, zero VOC, or what sheen is the best fit for each location in your home.

Red Line Painting provides all types of exterior painting services as well. Decks, porches, siding, paint removal, or restorations, we have solutions for all surfaces and all budgets. When working on condo association exteriors several factors will be addressed before the process begins, including: free color samples upon request, work hours, equipment storage locations, and what areas to be especially careful around (pools, gardens, and bushes).




    Our Work


    [threecol_one]Red Line Painting is fully certified in lead paint removal. This project required full removal of the exterior coating to restore this home to its former beauty. [/threecol_one]

    [threecol_one]This home located on Chicago’s North side, was looking to have the exterior brightened up and feel more lively. After doing several test patches and color consultations, the final color scheme was chosen, and is now one of the best looking houses on the block. [/threecol_one]

    [threecol_one_last]Located in the western suburbs, this home was power washed, all caulking checked and replaced as needed, with two coats of an acrylic solid color house stain hand applied. At Red Line Painting we are familiar with a variety of different exterior coatings and can discuss the best solution for your home. [/threecol_one_last]