What time do you start

Our standard hours are from 8 to 5, Monday thru Friday.

Do you work weekends/Overnights?

Our standard hours are Monday through Friday. However, if we are delayed by rain during the week, we may ask to work over the weekend on your project. Dedicated after hours or weekend hours can be requested, at an additional charge. Subject to availability.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept checks, ACH transfers, and all major credit cards. Please note there will be a 3.5% service charge added to any credit card payments.

How does scheduling / weather delays work?

We do our best to give an accurate schedule based on our current capacity and predicted weather. Certain factors might cause your project to be delayed that are outside of our control. Spring and Fall typically bring the largest variables in start dates.

Is there a warranty and what is covered?

Yes there is. Types of coverage and length will vary based on the project. This will be indicated on the contract for your project. For example, walked on surfaces carry a different warranty than non-walked on. We can also work with you to provide manufactures warranty on the product.

What is the best to preserve my paint job?

Interior– Light cleaning is sufficient. It is best to use a clean cloth, slightly damp, to remove any dirt. DO NOT USE MAGIC ERASERS. This will leave burnish marks on the paint. For trim cleaning, mild household cleaners can be used.

Exterior– Pet safe salt is the first step in making sure your metal project will last. Following the maintenance program will allow the project to last for years to come.

Color Selections

Picking the correct color is a big step in the painting process. Red Line Painting will always provide up to 3 free samples in advance of your project, upon request.

If we are matching the existing color, we will match it to the best of our ability. Ideally, color specs will be available from last time the project was painted. If these are not available, we can work with you to pick out the closest color match.

Product substitutions

At times, we will substitute similar products. These can be done for a variety of reasons: Deep base colors may require a different paint, product availability, temperature (some products can only be used to 50 degrees), and substrate changes/bonding issues. The same warranty applies to all products that we use. Should we use a less expensive product that quoted, that will be reflected in the final invoice.

Do you use sub-contractors? Who are your employees?

Red Line Painting Services is a 100% employee based company. We do all of work in house. This allows us to require safety training and quality processes that we could not otherwise provide. All of our employees under go safety training, quality and technique training, undergo full back ground checks, and are fully covered under our workers compensation policy.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured, having Full General Liability, Workers Compensation, an Umbrella Policy, and auto insurance. If your building requires to be listed as additionally insured, please reach out to the office and we can get you the insurance certificate sent over.

How long have you been in business?

Red Line Painting was founded in 2008.

Do you require a deposit?

Every project is a little bit different in the payment structure. Prior to starting the work a detailed payment plan will be given. Traditionally we require a 10% deposit with the balance due upon completion. Additional amounts may be required for material heavy projects, projects where equipment rental is required, or progress payments are listed as part of the contract.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is due upon completion of the project and will be invoiced within 3 days of completion. Touch-ups are available at no cost for up to 3 weeks, should you be unavailable for a walk through at the time of completion.

What type of sheen should I use?

Every situation is different, and each sheen has their own pro / cons associated with it. Please just give us a call and we can take you through some of the characteristics of each sheen and how that might affect your project.

Can I provide my own paint?

Yes, customers may supply their own paint. The brand must be approved by Red Line Painting Services before a warranty will be offered. Paint must be delivered to the location in which it is to be used. All empty paint cans / extra paint will be left on-site.

When is it too cold to paint?

It all depends on the type of painting we are doing. We paint interior projects all year round. For exterior wood surfaces and some acrylic coatings, we need overnight temperatures of around 45 degrees. For some solvent based products, we paint outside up to 30 degrees.

How many coats are included in the project?

The contract will always state the number of coats. Generally speaking, color matches are done in 1 coat, color changes are done in two coats. Some deeper colors may affect the number of coats. You will be notified, in advance, if additional coats are needed.

It is safe to be home while you are painting?

Yes, but always check with a doctor first if you pregnant or have small children. We can provide product data pages at any time.

How soon can freshly painted surfaces return to service?

Interior– Paint is typically dry to the touch in 1 hour. If possible, allow for at least 12 to 24 hours before using the shower in a freshly painted bathroom. Please allow 30 days for paint to fully cure and be able to be cleaned.

Exterior– For non-walked on surfaces allow for 3-4 hours before touching. For doors, they must remain open for 4 hours to allow paint to dry properly. For walked on surfaces – please allow 48 hours before full use. Furniture can be placed (not dragged) back on to surface within 12 to 24 hours.

Furniture– types of moving and what to expect

It is safe to be home while you are painting?

Yes, but always check with a doctor first if you pregnant or have small children. We can provide product data pages at any time.