Exterior Home Contractors for Chicago, IL

Aesthetically, the exterior of your home is something that you should take pride in. A beautiful home deserves a beautiful paint job and it deserves to be expertly painted with care. We understand how important the outside of your home is to you. With Red Line Painting, you will know that we’ll take great care in the painting of your home.

We are Chicago, IL’s leading commercial industrial painting service. Our painting experts will take the time to sit down with you to figure out exactly what paint job you need. We’re ready to service your home with a beautiful professional exterior paint job. You can trust the painting contractors at Red Line Painting to give you the painting job of your dreams.

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Exterior commercial paint jobs are quite different from indoor paint jobs. Exterior painting is exposed to the outside elements and is more subject to wear and tear. The experts at Red Line Painting know this and will take the necessary precautions when painting your home. In order to keep your exterior paint job long-lasting, we’ll strip the damaged paint and put up a protective coating. This will guarantee that your paint job is durable.

Our experts can handle any paint job, including the fire escape and metal staircase painting, to tilt up concrete painting. We can manage any paint job, big or small. Our team understands that your home represents you and your family, so we’ll work hard to bring your vision to life.

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If you’re ready to get the paint job of your dreams, contact Red Line Painting today. We’ll even take the time to sit down with you and give you a free estimate on any prospective paint job.