Red Lid Bucket – Metal Safe De-Icer


Contains enough Sodium Acetate (NAAC) for about 5 full de-icings of standard 3 flat metal walk up, roughly 20 pounds. This bucket is perfect for those with metal structures, concrete, or an airplane. Approved as a runway de-icer because is approximately as corrosive as tap water. This, as well as CMA, is the only de-icer we recommend for metal surfaces. Careful for blends, as they still contain additives that can cause corrosion. You don’t have to get it from us, but if you want your metal to last and be safe throughout the winter, NAAC and CMA are the only choices. NAAC is pet friendly, people friendly, metal & concrete friendly, environmentally friendly. NAAC is very friendly. There are some great articles on the benefits of Acetates as de-icers for those research bugs out there so don’t just take our word for it. The manufacture offers some great information that can be found here:

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